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News and Notes from the Virginia General Assembly

News and Notes from the Virginia General Assembly
News and Notes from the Virginia General Assembly
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News and Notes from the Virginia General Assembly
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce of Commerce work hard each week to keep you updated on important business issues during the 2015 General Assembly session.



Status Report

HB 1400 (Jones) – Increases the Governors Opportunity Fund

Status: Conference
SB 800 (Colgan) – Opportunity Fund
Status: Committee

School Calendar
HB 1550 (Greason) – School Boards Responsible for Calendar

Status: Defeated 9-5 in Senate, Ed & Health

HB 1838 (Robinson) – Eliminates Post Labor Day Start Requirement
Status:  Defeated 9-5 in Senate, Ed & Health

Workforce Development
HB 1986 (Byron) – Makes a number of changes to the governance of Workforce Development programs in the Commonwealth
Status: Passed House and Senate - Pending Governor’s Action

SB 1349 (Wagner) – Freezes electric rates in the Commonwealth and suspends reviews of earnings for five years

Status: Passed House and Senate – Pending Governor’s Action

Minimum Wage
HB 1512 (Simon) – Increased minimum wage to $15.15 hr –

Status:  Tabled
HB 1654 (Plum) – Increased minimum wage to $8.00 hr –
Status:  Tabled
SB 681 (Marsden) – Increased minimum wage to $8.00 hr –
Status:  P.B.I.
SB 706 (Puller) – Increased minimum wage to $8.00 hr –
Status:  Stricken

HB 1275 (Cox) – Provides funding for Hampton Roads Veterans Care Center

Status: Passed House/Senate Substitute Rejected by House

Right to Work
HJ 490 (Bell) – Constitutional amendment – Right to Work

Status: Adopted House/Senate Reported from P&E Committee

Plastic Shopping Bags
SB 880 (Lewis) – Prohibits retailers from providing plastic shopping bags

Status: Defeated in Local Government Committee

SB 1103 (McWaters) – Allows localities to prohibit plastic shopping bags
Status:  House Tabled in Commerce and Labor

HB 1762 (Watts) SB 1210 (Ebbin) – Bills required intermediaries like on line travel companies to separately state the taxes on a bill or invoice and to collect the tax based on total charges.

Status:  Defeated in House Finance and Defeated in Senate floor vote

Coal Tax Credits
HB 1879 (Kilgore) SB 741 (Carrico) – Places limits of production incentives to $500,000 per return.  Extends sunset  provision.

Status:  Passed Senate and House with substitutes       

HB 1886 (Jones) – Public Private Transportation Act – Establishes requirement for finding of public interest.

Status:  Passed House, Reported from Senate Transportation with a substitute.

HB 1887 (Jones) – Transportation funding, formula reporting and allocations.  Requires the CTB to develop a priority ranking system for structurally deficient bridges and deteriorated pavements.  This bill has $40M for transit.
Status:  Passes House/Reported from Senate Transportation with a substitute

Unemployment Insurance
HB 1382 (Head) – Changes the responsibility of the most recent employer/unemployment insurance.

Status:  Left in House Commerce and Labor Committee

Workers Compensation
HB 1820 (Farrell) – Requires the Virginia Workers Comp Commission to establish the prevailing community rate for medical, surgical or hospital services in the provision of medical services in Workers Comp.

Status:  Passed House/sent to Senate Commerce and Labor Committee


Other Bills of Business Interest
HJ 637 (Landes) – JLARC Study of Medicaid

HJ 515 (Head) – Constitutional Amendment – Legislative Suspension of regulations
Status:  Reported from Senate P & E. Committee
HJ 608 (Kilgore) – Resolution opposing EPA regulations.

HB 1940/SB 1457 – Insurance Mandate – (Greason/Vogel) – Autism coverage insurance mandate will increase the cost of private medical insurance in the Commonwealth

Uber/Lyft/HB 1662 (Rust) SB 1025 (Watkins) – Regulates Uber and Lyft in the Commonwealth

HB 2070 (Gilbert) – Ethics – limits tangible and intangible gifts to elected officials and families.

SJR 284 (Lucas) – Redistricting – Establishes a Virginia Redistricting Commission
Status:  Referred to House Privileges and Elections

HB 1352 (Romadan) – Provided BPOL tax deduction for amounts paid under subcontracts
Status:  Tabled in House Finance

SB 1283 (Martin) – Changes the current Certificate of Public Need Process in the Commonwealth
Status:  Passed Senate, reported from House Health, Welfare and Institutions

SB 1424 (Norment) – Ethics Reform
Status:  Passed House with a substitute


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