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Women's Self Defense Course

Women's Self Defense Course
Women's Self Defense Course
Women's Self Defense Course
Learn Real World Self Protection Tactics



The ability to defend yourself is a very important skill in today's society.


The goal of this "Women's Self-Defense Course", is to teach women simple and effective techniques they can use to defend themselves if the need arises.


Each participant will learn a variety of practical and straightforward techniques for self-defense in stressful situations.

Some of these techniques include hand/elbow strikes, knee/leg kicks; defense against chokes/grabs, and how to use your body as a weapon.


The course consists of both classroom instruction and a practical application session where students will have the opportunity to apply the skills and techniques they have learned during the course.


The course is on March 31st from 9:00 am - Noon at 765 West Little Creek Rd , Norfolk Virginia.


Registration is $50.00 per person and can be paid by cash or card at the start of the course.


This course will fill up fast, so be sure to preregister by calling 757-423-7000 to reserve your spot.


Note: Please wear proper athletic attire as this will be a physical class


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