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Three Chambers Host Joint Legislative Reception

Three Chambers Host Joint Legislative Reception
Three Chambers Host Joint Legislative Reception
Three Chambers Host Joint Legislative Reception
Impactful Advocate

The Hampton Roads Chamber joined with the Northern Virginia and Richmond Chambers of Commerce to host the annual Joint Legislative Reception in Richmond on February 7th.

This timely midway point in the General Assembly session offered an opportunity to speak with legislators from Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads and Richmond to get a better understanding of t their priorities for the remainder of the session.

Coastal flooding and resiliency remains an important topic.  Both Delegate Chris Stolle and Senator Lynwood Lewis, Jr. are making the issue a priority.

"Sea level rise and coastal resiliency efforts are going to continue to be shepherded through the senate as well as the larger issue of resolving a budget. It passed the senate by 40 votes so we have already staked out our bi-partisan position," said Senator Lewis.

Delegate Stolle added, "Coastal flooding adaptation in Hampton Roads is crucial and we need to continue to work to be a leader in this realm."  Stolle is also working on another project concerning teen smoking. "Legislation to raise the legal age for tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21 is a priority."

Delegate Glenn Davis is focused on the budget. "We have to ensure we are conforming with the federal government so Virginia is not paying more in taxes than they need to. When Virginians file their taxes we want conformity and fairness, that is the big push right now," said Davis.

Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler is pushing for the Storm water Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) to be worked into the Budget. "This amendment would put $50 million back in the budget for storm water assistance. Now is the time for Virginians to contact their local legislators and fight for this," she said.

Senator John Cosgrove is fighting for SB 1030, which will expand workers' compensation to cover diseases that are presumed to be an occupational disease. "We're working on behalf of Virginia firefighters to add certain types of cancers to the list to provide them compensation for their extraordinary work, if they are affected," said Cosgrove.

Delegate Emily Brewer said, "In our work we are continually making sure we make Virginia the best place to live, work and plan. We are already starting to plan now for the next legislative session and we will continue to foster the legislation that ensures the Hampton Roads community is building the foundation for the future."

Hampton Roads Chamber CEO & President Bryan K. Stephens and Chamber Executive Vice President Ira Agricola will continue to lobby on behalf of the business community throughout the remainder of the session. 

We are proud to serve as an impactful advocate for the Hampton Roads business community and to have been part of an event that highlights collaboration.

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