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Hiring Event!

Hiring Event!
Hiring Event!
Hiring Event!
Local Hiring Event

Domestic Divas, along with several other service-based small businesses, is hosting a hiring event.  The premise being that the largest struggle of most entrepreneurs is attracting and retaining qualified staff.  These small businesses, ranging from cleaning to lawn-care, have recognized that the most effective avenue of hiring may be to create our own hiring pipeline.  How so?  Let’s review from the viewpoint of a job-seeker….

Hiring event- Do you make the cut?  Do you want to??    

Hosted by: 4-5 Small businesses in the service industry (cleaning, lawncare, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, etc)…  “for every 10 people a small business owner interviews, they will hire an average of 2.  The reasons vary, from simple things to bad things.  Do you want to know so you can address it??” 

Where:  Hatch, 111 Granby Street, Norfolk (parking can be a challenge, plan accordingly)

Who should attend:  Women and men who are SERIOUS about looking for long term employment, flexible hours, and a great work environment.  AND those that do not make the cut will be told exactly why and how to make it next time!!  We are serious about connecting jobs with job-seekers! 

There will be 3-6 immediate job openings …  entry wage of $9-$11 per hour, as direct employees, not subcontractors

Date:  Wednesday, February 22

Time:  10am-1pm (registration opens at 930) 

Maximum 40 total attendees

What to wear:  Pretend you called me about a job for being a housekeeper or a lawncare helper, and I said meet me tomorrow for an interview.  Wear what you would wear to that.

What to bring:  Your manners, a pen or pencil, a smile, your identification, references, and you’re A-game work ethic

AGENDA:             9:30        registration, nametags, and seating are open

                                10:00     Introduction

                                10:15     Group interview, fill out job application

                                11:00     Break

                                11:15     Hires will receive paperwork, orientation info

                                11:30     Small groups will be able to work with a local coach for FREE to ensure making the next cut!        

                                12:30     conclusion and wrap-up




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