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Getting the Most from Membership

Getting the Most from Membership
Getting the Most from Membership
Getting the Most from Membership
Membership Sparks

Membership is what you make it.  If you’re reading this e-newsletter, and more specifically, this article then I may be ‘preaching to the choir’ when it comes to taking advantage of the resources the Chamber provides our member partners.  But, there’s always more you can do and discover.  The following are several ways you and your team can get more out of your Chamber investment.

  1. Identify your purpose.

What do you and your business hope to gain from your Chamber membership?  Have a defined purpose for your participation and investment with any organization.  What can you realistically accomplish within a given month, year or years as a part of your community’s largest and most effective advocate for business success?

2. Involve your entire team in Chamber membership.

Whether you are a team of two or a staff of thousands, involve your staff.  Even employees unable to attend Chamber events should be educated about the work and advocacy our organization provides for the business community.  Post Chamber newsletters, communication and event programs within break areas.  Share this newsletter with your team.  Reward employees with tickets/registration to Chamber signature programs, educational events and after hours receptions.

3. Invite your business partners and prospects to Chamber events.

Chamber membership has it’s benefits, including the ability to network with our region’s leaders.  Much like a membership to a private country club, utilize your Chamber membership to host business clients and prospects at YOUR Chamber events.  What better way to impress a potential new partner, and network with the business community’s leadership, while attending our region’s premier events.

4. Visit

The Chamber website is more than a member directory and events calendar.  The site includes member news, advocacy information, membership resources and discounts, regional information and resources, and a ‘How Do I?’ section.  We even provide a FREE Job Search section.

5. Know your Executive and Regional boards.

All five Southside Hampton Roads cities are represented by a Chamber Division board, a Regional Executive Committee, and Regional Board of Directors.  Learn who those members are (see Chamber website) and communicate with them.  Take the time to read, learn and understand what our leadership is accomplishing through advocacy.  Discover what steps are being taken to ensure your Chamber continues to be the premier pro-business organization setting the conditions for business success in Hampton Roads.

For more information, contact Membership Coordinator, Michelle King (757.662.2312), or visit 


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