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Chamber Urges Action on Transportation Funding

Chamber Urges Action on Transportation Funding
Chamber Urges Action on Transportation Funding
Chamber Urges Action on Transportation Funding

The Virginia Senate failed to adopt a transportation funding bill before “crossover.”  The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce for many years has made transportation funding its top legislative priority.  As a result, Jack Hornbeck, President and CEO of the Chamber, released this statement in reaction to the current status of legislative action regarding transportation funding:


“We are deeply concerned with the lack of positive action taken on transportation funding in the Senate of Virginia on February 5, particularly with an issue so critical to our economic well-being and quality of life.  With our Commonwealth facing the worst congestion in the nation, it is clear why 83% of our citizens voice support for a long-term transportation funding plan.


We insist that our elected officials view the transportation crisis with urgency and work in a bipartisan manner in crafting a solution.  The business community is united on the need for action on this critical issue.


The last chance for passage of a meaningful transportation funding bill will occur when HB 2313 is considered in the Senate.  Failure to adopt a funding bill during the 2013 session will further damage our business reputation, diminish our quality of life and dampen our economic recovery.”



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The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit, member-based business organization. The Chamber is a vigorous advocate for the economic success of its nearly 2,000 member businesses, which employ more than 280,000 men and women in southeastern Virginia.  The Chamber promotes Hampton Roads’ healthy business climate through economic development, public policy initiatives, services and benefits to members.  The Chamber is dedicated to creating economic opportunity and enhancing the quality of life in Hampton Roads.




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