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Modern Femme and trade Convention Coming to Virginia Beach Town Center May 12 - 14

Modern Femme and trade Convention Coming to Virginia Beach Town Center May 12 - 14
Modern Femme and trade Convention Coming to Virginia Beach Town Center May 12 - 14
Modern Femme and trade Convention Coming to Virginia Beach Town Center May 12 - 14
Over 20 Expert Speakers on Hand to Discuss Women's Issues, Today's Definition of Success and Female Entrepreneurship

Do you ever feel pressured to choose between your family and your job? Do you feel judged by the other soccer moms for missing yesterday’s soccer practice? Do you wonder if your team questions your professional drive because you left early to attend a parent/teacher conference? Are you trying to be everything to everyone, but always feel like you’re coming up short?

How do you define success? Is it really all about working long hours, doing whatever it takes to climb to the top, aggressive drive that never quits, always on call, never satisfied, hefty paycheck? Is success only measurable at work?

Working single mom to twins, Katy Blevins, and SAHM to three under five entrepreneur, Somer Chambley, often struggled to find purpose and balance between their busy entrepreneurial lives and wanting to spend more time with their families. Frustrated and burnt out, they knew something needed to change. This wasn’t success. This was chaos.

How should we define success? Shouldn’t success be a meaningful life that is both professionally adventurous and fully present at home? Are you truly successful if you’re missing-in-action in your family or stretched thin at work? Where’s the quality in your life? Do you want to join other working women just like you to reclaim balance, purpose and joy?

Q: What is The Modern Femme Movement?

A:A widespread community of female entrepreneurs, working women, small business owners and professional leaders from all walks of life coming together to make a case for a balanced life that excels professionally and also thrives personally.

Q: When is the Annual Convention & Trade Show?

A:On May 12-14, 2016, Virginia Beach will host 900 motivated working women for a massive three day experience that will refresh, recharge and reward their commitment to their families, their business and themselves. Attendees will find real solutions to help them create a better foundation in business, at work, and at home.

Q: Where will the 2016 Modern Femme Movement Convention & Trade Show be hosted?

A:Our inaugural convention will be hosted at the luxurious Westin Virginia Beach Town Center in partnership with the local businesses of The Town Center of Virginia Beach, and a variety of surrounding companies in the City of Virginia Beach.

Q: Who will be speaking at the 2016 Modern Femme Movement Convention & Trade Show?

A: Join 20 of our nation’s most ambitious professionals as they support and equip working women from all walks of life to define and claim a more balanced and successful life that celebrates family first. Top keynote speakers include:

·   Jaime Primak-Sullivan, CEO Bridge & Tunnel Entertainment and Bravo TV Reality Star

·   Shavon Lindley, CEO Women Evolution

·   Christine M. Bacon, Ph.D. and Radio Host, Breakfast with Bacon: The Relationship Doctor

·   Cheryl Tan, CEO Cheryl Tan Media, Former TV News Anchor, Host of The Hampton Roads Business Weekly



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Somer & Katy are available for interviews, comments and questions about The Modern Femme Movement at or directly at 757.416.2672.

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