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The Hampton Roads Chamber Rebrands

The Hampton Roads Chamber Rebrands
The Hampton Roads Chamber Rebrands
The Hampton Roads Chamber Rebrands
Dropping the Of Commerce

No “of commerce” necessary anymore. What has been commonplace practice for years is now reflected in our official moniker as the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce rebrands to “The Hampton Roads Chamber.”  Over the last six months, we’ve worked with Free Agents Marketing to pinpoint a brand that is reflective of our commitment to innovation and excellence as we set the conditions for businesses to succeed. Our new name, new colors, new logo, and new tagline reflect how we want our organization to be perceived in the future—as a new, bold organization that “means business.”

This new identity is reinforced by our overarching goals: becoming a impactful advocate by consistently and effectively leading the efforts to shape public policy and influence legislation that set the conditions for businesses to succeed, becoming a powerful economic partner by developing, diversifying and improving both the economy and quality of life in the region, and becoming an inspiring ignitor by promoting the important of regionalism and the power of collective impact. 

As a newly designated 5-Star accredited chamber by the United States Chamber of Commerce, it is our duty to hold ourselves to the utmost level of selfless service for our members. 

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