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Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

“Good decisions require emotional mastery,” said Carletta Waddler, Vice President of Talent Curve in the Hampton Roads Chamber Education Series event on Tuesday, December 18th. Waddler led a compelling presentation on “Emotional Intelligence” and how this leadership skill plays a key role in the successes and failures of a career.

Waddler defined emotional intelligence as “your level of ability to understand other people.” She identified the key components of this skill as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Leading the audience through an interactive seminar, Waddler stressed that emotional intelligence, in combination with other factors, can help you harness your negative emotions to lead a better, more purposeful life and career.

“The most important relationships you have on your job are the people who work with you,” said Waddler. The ability to understand, interpret, control and respond to emotions in the workplace as just as important, if not more, than the work itself. Whether you are being admonished for poor performance or having disagreements with your manager, do not act on your emotions. Instead, reframe your responses in a way that benefits both yourself and your manager. Waddler emphasized that “civility and politeness will take you a long way.”

Waddler continued her seminar by engaging the audience with a series of “what if” scenarios. One of those scenarios asked, “If you are being reprimanded at work; how do you reframe that?” Members in the audience answered that “it depends on the rapport you have with your manager” and you should ask yourself, “What can I get positively out of this?”

The ultimate takeaway from Waddler’s presentation is that emotional intelligence affects the decisions we make in our careers, and it is a behavior that can be strengthened as we gain more knowledge. “It takes effort to be emotionally responsible,” said Waddler as she concluded the 2018 Chamber Education Series event.

The Hampton Roads Chamber is committed to serve as an impactful advocate, powerful economic partner, inspiring ignitor and regional collaborator for our region and strives to put forth the best effort in growing business leaders in the community. Thank you to our Chamber Education Series sponsors: Presenting Sponsor, Southern Bank; Gold Sponsor, Managing Communications; Lunch Sponsor, Bahama Breeze; and Water Sponsor, Pure Paradise.

Join us for the launch of the 2019 Chamber Education Series on Tuesday, January 22nd with “Leadership vs. Management,” presented by Ron Lewis of LTC2 Consulting at the Hampton Roads Chamber. To register, click here.

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