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SBDC to Conduct Government Contracting Course

SBDC to Conduct Government Contracting Course
SBDC to Conduct Government Contracting Course
SBDC to Conduct Government Contracting Course

Thanks, in part to a Portable Assistance Grant from the US Small Business Administration, the SBDC will be conducting two, twelve-week long classes in Government Contracting.  With the changes in the manner in which the federal government conducts business brought about by sequestration and other reductions in overall federal spending, small companies that rely on government contracting, either as a part of or majority of their business, will see changes that could, in some cases, threaten the company’s survival.  Consequently business owners will have to adapt their operating and bidding procedures to meet this new reality.

The course covers all aspects of the contracting process, from initial search through completion.  Other issues which will be addressed include teaming and partnering arrangements, compliance, prospecting and bidding.  John Maher, a seasoned veteran of the government contracting arena who is the VP for Business Development for Mainstream Government Services, has developed the curriculum and will lead the course.  The first course will start in late January/early February.


The tuition for the class is $900 per student.  If the company is a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, TASC-TGIC (Tidewater Association of Service Contractors – Tidewater Government Industry Council) or WIDGHR (Women in Defense Group Hampton Roads) the tuition drops to $300 per student.  An a la carte program is also available which enables companies to pick and choose the individual classes which will provide the greatest benefit.


For more information contact Jim Carroll at 664-2595 or at

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