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Langley For Families Foundation Expands Support of Teachers

Langley For Families Foundation Expands Support of Teachers
Langley For Families Foundation Expands Support of Teachers
Langley For Families Foundation Expands Support of Teachers
Funds All 75 Mini-Grants with Peninsula Community Foundation

Each year, Langley For Families Foundation typically grants 30 teachers $500 to support new or existing classroom initiatives. But this year was unlike any other so Langley and the Peninsula Community Foundation together awarded grants to all 75 applicants.

Throughout 2020, teachers and school staff have worked incredibly hard to overcome the challenges of virtual learning, creating special experiences for graduates, ensuring children maintain grade levels, and more. In response, Langley opened the grants to any need from teachers, including technology and classroom supplies.

A record number of teachers submitted a request to the Peninsula Community Foundation that manages the application and approval process of the scholarships.
Requests ranged drastically to support in-person classrooms, hybrid learning, and virtual teaching. Requested items included tactile learning tools, headphone sets, computer mice, STEM coding robots, online assessment tools, emotional resource library books, document readers, and dry erase boards.

The Peninsula Community Foundation was so moved by the need showcased in the applications that its team generously contributed $10,000 to fund an additional 20 grants. After learning more about the teachers’ requests and Peninsula Community Foundation’s commitment, the leadership team at Langley for Families Foundation recognized the immense need and agreed to contribute the remaining funds to grant all 75 applications that met the program’s requirements.

In total, Langley and the Peninsula Community Foundation will donate $37,500 to 75 Hampton Roads teachers this holiday season to fill the gap as they adapt to a continuously changing classroom environment.

“It means a lot to me and my students that a business such as Langley cares about what they need to be successful independent learners,” said Felicia Ellis, first-grade teacher at James Monroe Elementary. “Our students have adapted new skills as they quickly transitioned from a paper and pencil environment to completely virtual, but they still have needs.”

“The importance of our children’s education cannot be overstated, and teachers are one of the most important ingredients in creating a great learning environment,” said Michael Monteith, CEO of Peninsula Community Foundation. “However, in a pandemic world, the ability of teachers to effectively connect with their students has been made very difficult. By combining our resources with Langley’s, we are collectively able to help more teachers than each of us can do alone.”
“The team at Langley feels inspired by the dedication and strength of teachers this year, and we knew we wanted to do more to show our support,” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Langley Federal Credit Union. “We appreciate the Peninsula Community Foundation’s partnership in making these grants happen.”

Langley Federal Credit Union has a long history of community involvement and charitable giving dating back to the founding of the credit union in the 1930's. With a commitment to making a difference in the communities it serves, Langley for Families Foundation was launched in 2014 to support causes and charities benefiting children and families.
Langley Federal Credit Union is a federally-chartered credit union, regulated and insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Langley Federal Credit Union serves more than 280,000 members and has more than $3.4 billion in assets, ranking the financial cooperative as one of the 100 largest credit unions in the country. Langley is a full service financial institution where everyone can save, borrow, and spend wisely. Located in Hampton Roads, Langley has 19 branches and more than 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs throughout the region. For more information, visit


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