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Let Keynote Connections Prepare your new OMB Best in Class Oasis SB Contract the Quarter

Let Keynote Connections Prepare your new OMB Best in Class Oasis SB Contract the Quarter
Let Keynote Connections Prepare your new OMB Best in Class Oasis SB Contract the Quarter
Let Keynote Connections Prepare your new OMB Best in Class Oasis SB Contract the Quarter
Oasis Small Business On Ramping this Quarter

Keynote Connections – RFQs and MAC IDIQ contracts


Tired of short fuse multiple task order RFQs and new agency MAC IDIQ contracts at the end of the 4th quarter.  With only 45 days to go in a busy 4th quarter, let us assist you with these RFQ/RFP requirements and allow you to go back to running your business.


I.               Oasis Small Business (SB) On Ramping this Quarter:

During the next 6 weeks Oasis SB will be Ramping within Pools 1, 3 and 4.  Pool 1 is a professional service IDIQ that aggregates Strategic Consulting, Engineering Services and Logistics Services while Pool 3 aggregates Weapons Engineering and Marine Architecture/Engineering.  Pool 4 aggregates research and Development services.

a.     If your company holds a successful GSA Professional Services Schedule contract, a major agency MAC or Seaport E with 3 or more successfully completed task orders within the past 5 years, you should seriously consider pursuing this Contract.  Oasis is the OMB “Best in Class” (BIC) Professional services contract that can utilize many different types of contracts (Cost and Fixed Price) and provide both commercial and non commercial services.  With current Spending under Management (SUM) procurement guidelines from OMB, agency customers are incentivized and rewarded for using “BIC” such as Oasis.  Oasis SB will be On Ramping these 3 Pools as many of the first Oasis contractors have been very successful and graduated to Larger Business.  The size of the contractor Pools are also being increased for 40 to 100+ because of its success.  GSA has done a wonderful job marketing this contract and has secured many agency commitments. 

b.     We can prepare the Oasis SB Open Season Contract for you or assist you in responding to Oasis Task Order RFQ’s.  The Oasis Unrestricted Contract should On Ramp some Pools in the First Quarter of 2019.


II.                Order Level Materials (OLM):

Contractors of several GSA Services Contracts recently accepted a MASS Modification that awarded them a new OLM SIN to their schedule.  This new SIN has already automatically been added to your GSA Advantage/Schedule ELibrary Contractor Information Page.  Only those contractors with the new SIN will be able to add order level Supplies and Labor at the Task Order level rather than having the same items preawarded on the Master contract.  This new flexibility is a tremendous advantage for Contractors and agency Contracting Officers alike and will lead to faster and more compliant Task Order Awards.  Check your GSA Advantage/Schedule Elibrary Contractor Info Page for your new OLM SIN and give us a call if you need assistance in understanding the new SIN and how to use it.


III.               4th Quarter Marketing Tips:

a.     If you are a Small Business, remember that agencies are usually behind in achieving their Socio Economic Small Business goals in the 4th Quarter which gives SB another opportunity to contact or recontact prospects and customers.  They may be much more interested in talking to you in the 4th Quarter than the 1st. 

b.     Plan on working right down to the last day of the quarter as 7% of the Total FY 2018 Budget will be spent in the last week of the year.

IV.              Compliance Tips:

a.     If you have contracts greater than $150,000 you need to submit the VETs 4212 report by September 30th.

b.     If you are providing your customer with Fixed Price Quotes and Services make sure you keep your estimate paperwork that supports the Labor Hour Categories, Hours worked and Hourly Rates of each.  All contractor Assessment Visits (CAVs) and Audits require this backup.

For information regarding Keynote Connections Turnkey RFP/RFQ Preparation Services, please contact Bob Griffin, Subject Matter Expert, at the D.C. office (410) 375-7886.  Please see our web site for detailed information on the services of Keynote Connections,


Office Locations:      East Coast                                           (914) 693-0728 Contact: Judith Juback

                                    Midwest & West Coast                      (410) 375-7886 Contact:  Bob Griffin



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