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Norfolk Fair Trade Event

Norfolk Fair Trade Event
Norfolk Fair Trade Event
Norfolk Fair Trade Event
Norfolk Fair Trade Event "The Courage to Be Creative Workshop"

The Courage to Be Creative Workshop:

Every area in your life requires problem solving from how to manage your personal and professional time to tackling major projects at work. Yet often times, we get stuck in our ruts mentally which makes problem solving and progress challenging and sometimes even nonexistent.

Creativity is a critical tool to free our minds from these stuck places and into the imagination and innovation necessary to move forward. Moreover, the courage to use our creativity further flourishes within a trusted learning environment that emphasizes exploration, practice, and open communication.

We want to help YOU tap into your creativity as well as offer strategies to foster a courageously creative learning environment in your home and/or work life at our “Courage to be Creative” Workshop on Saturday, April 25th!

This 4 hour workshop offers strategies and training tools to help activate and exercise your "creative muscle” @ the NFTCO Learning Lab! After receiving hands-on learning and training experience exercising your creative muscle, you will be inspired and equipped to practice your imaginative innovation in all areas of your life! Click here to register

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