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Connecting with Clients in the Virtual World

Connecting with Clients in the Virtual World
Connecting with Clients in the Virtual World
Connecting with Clients in the Virtual World
Chamber hosts Virtual Chamber Education

"If you're new to the idea of video conferencing, think conference call but with a whole lot of features. It gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face without having to be in the same location." said Marianne Walker, Director of Sales, Virginia Media/Inside Business. 

On Thursday, April 9, 2020, the Hampton Roads Chamber hosted its first Virtual Chamber Education: Connecting with Clients in the Virtual World. Walker discussed simple techniques businesses can utilize during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue business practices and connect with their  employees and clients during this time of crisis. 

"During normal times video conferencing helps businesses save on travel expenses, and during times like this where social distancing is our top priority, this is a great tool to stay connected," said Walker. She discussed essential tools needed for staying connected: internet connection, laptop or desktop computer, and microphone and audio tools. 

Walker told participants about three software for video conferencing: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoTo Meeting. "Zoom seems to be a popular solution for businesses hosting larger meetings." Walker recommended Zoom for businesses with larger events or teams. 

The second video software, Microsoft Teams, is a low-cost solution offering lots of features. "This serves as a suitable replacement for Skype for Business," said Walker. She briefly went over GoTo Meeting, which is a flexible solution for smaller businesses who need a user-friendly option. 

Walker encouraged participants to secure their meetings with a password to prevent hacking or unwanted participants. "Most software have security settings included in the software, so as you're researching take a look at those settings and make sure its suitable for your specific needs." 

In closing, Walker thanked the participants for their time. "Stay connected, stay smiling, and hopefully keep that business going while we're in this challenging time," ended Walker. 

The Hampton Roads Chamber would like to thank Southern Bank, Presenting Sponsor, of today's Virtual Chamber Education. Register to attend the upcoming Virtual Chamber Education on April 16, 2020 with Chris Bugg: Business Development In a Social Distancing World. 

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