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Recognizing Service and Heroism
Recognizing Service and Heroism
Recognizing Service and Heroism

Hampton Roads is truly blessed be built on such a large foundation of military members and first responders throughout the region who each display a profound professional readiness to help the community every day. These are the local heroes who make it possible for the business community to function and thrive properly by knowing that our region is safe and protected. Through their grueling careers, they practice values that coincide with those of the Hampton Roads Chamber including excellence, selfless service, leadership, diversity, and integrity.

When an investor is looking to start, grow, or relocate a business, the first question of always ‘Is that area safe?’ Thanks to the men and women honored for the Valor and Military Recognition Reception, we can answer with confidence- Yes, Hampton Roads is safe.

Each of the brave men and women at local commands including Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek/ Fort Story and Naval Air Station Oceana shape the reputation of the region and the nation for being one of the largest hubs to our military. From actively serving our country to raising families and transitioning into civilian life, each service member impacts the region greatly. It is the communities’ initiative to strive to ensure that the military is given the same amount of gratitude and honor for their duties.

The military population and first responders compile a large portion of Hampton Roads which is a vital part of the identification of the region. This contributes to economic prosperity and long-term business partnerships, enticing diverse and innovative companies to choose Hampton Roads as an unparalleled region to build and grow. These partnerships confirm that Hampton Roads continues to be an impactful advocate for local military.

In an effort to continue to include military leaders in business happenings, the Hampton Roads Chamber has recently created the Hampton Roads Military Affairs Committee. The committee further cultivates an environment of open communication between local leaders and enables the Hampton Roads Chamber to be a primary source for serving the needs of the armed forces.

The Police, Fire, and EMS are a constant and driving force of safety in the community. These generous individuals strive to put their lives second to others while facing immediate danger. Whether they are running into a burning building or responding to a heated domestic disturbance, they have chosen noble careers which require immense amounts of courage and commitment to put their lives second to everyone else’s in the line of duty. It is the business communities’ responsibility to provide each of the selfless individuals and their opportunities to work, raise families, and live in Hampton Roads.

When the members of the armed forces and first responders put on their uniforms each day to serve our country and save lives, it does not go unnoticed by the Hampton Roads Chamber and business community. In order to properly recognize their commitment, dedication, and sacrifice to the wellbeing of the region, the Hampton Roads Chamber hosts two major events each year:

The Military Recognition Reception on Wednesday, May 15th, and the 2019 Valor Awards on Wednesday, June 26th.

The Military Recognition Reception and Valor Awards each shed light on the tireless work of the brave individuals who keep our region safe. The Hampton Roads Chamber means business and works as a powerful economic partner, inspiring ignitor, impactful advocate, and regional collaborator for our diverse and inclusive community of military member and first responders.   

Bryan K. Stephens
President & CEO
Bryan K. Stephens is President & CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber.
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