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Building Your Firm
Building Your Firm

Whether you are in the beginning stages of starting a company or you have been in business for years, getting employees to buy into your vision for the company is a huge component to its success. Making your firm worker-friendly so that it becomes a great place to work encourages productivity and alters the company culture.  If you are a veteran in business and are making changes for company development and growth, you can incorporate these ideas into your company as well. 

Build a Core Team of Leaders in the Company

As you begin to expand your firm, you need a group of team leaders to follow.  Obviously, the size of your firm impacts how many leaders you need at any given time, but a strong leadership base is key to overall success of any company.  These should be drawn from all ranks, not just top management.  Choose the natural leaders as well as those in highly influential positions-who already experienced leading people. 

Communicate the Importance of Your Vision

Make sure every employee knows your intentions for the future growth of the company.  This can be built around a strong mission statement which communicates your expectations for employees as well as for future success.  Your core teams will then be the role models that make the vision a reality through our employees.

Listen to Employees

Hold meetings with all your employees, reassuring them that there will be no repercussions for anything negative that is said.  Announce an open door policy and stick to it-listen to every idea that’s presented without criticizing.

Create Teams

You want your employees to be contributors, not workers.  Create cross-functional work teams that meet and discuss and resolve problems.  The employees will not only begin to feel respected and valued, but they will also learn to trust their new co-workers

It is important to remember that change will not occur overnight at your company.  If things are not going the way you imagined, drastic changes to policy cannot be implemented daily.  However, if you take the time to run your business the right way, employees will notice the difference.  With perseverance and patience, you will reap great rewards from your efforts.

Wade Powell is President of Wade Powell and Associates, Inc. which runs the Dale Carnegie of Eastern Virginia franchise.  He has been a part of Dale Carnegie Training for over 40 years.  He can be reached at 757.490.1611.

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