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5 Reasons Why Small Local Businesses Should Have a Mobile Website
5 Reasons Why Small Local Businesses Should Have a Mobile Website

If you are like the vast majority of small local businesses, you have a website. Until very recently, desktops and laptops were used exclusively to research local businesses and assist potential customers in making purchasing decisions. However, over the last 3 years there has been a mobile explosion! Therefore, it has quickly become important to have a mobile website. Here are the top five reasons why:

1)     According to Google, 3 out of 5 local searches are being conducted from a mobile phone.

Google has made searching for businesses a breeze from mobile devices. Since most Americans now have smartphones, they tend to reach for their phones during spare moments to conduct searches. Even when smartphone users have access to another device, many are choosing their phones over their computers. Google estimates that by 2015, more Americans will access the internet via mobile than desktop. Furthermore, research shows that currently 90% of these people act within 24 hours.

2)     As of the end of 2013, 95% of smartphone users have used their devices to search for a local business or service.

Local customers want to purchase from local businesses. Having a mobile site allows your business to compete with larger corporate enterprises. Research shows that once these consumers have conducted their search, most act within 24 hours.

3)     Normal websites are hard to read and navigate on mobile phones.

Although a beautifully crafted desktop site can present a great first impression for the company, most desktop sites do not allow mobile customers to easily navigate, gather important information, or contact the business. These beautiful sites lose their effect and become a roadblock to converting sales. Consumers are looking for mobile websites that provide them with all of the information they need to make an informed decision.

4)     Mobile searchers are action driven.

The vast majority of mobile searches result in action. Smartphone users are looking to buy, schedule an appointment, visit a new store, or find a service provider. Having a mobile-friendly site will help your potential customers with that process. Once they find a mobile website, they often end their search by choosing the business that gave them the best mobile experience.

5)     Website users are 51% more likely to do business with a business who has a mobile site.

Now that many businesses have mobile sites, consumers are beginning to expect and preferred businesses with mobile sites. Many claim that the look and feel of the mobile website itself greatly impacts their purchasing decision.

This local mobile search behavior has become so prevalent that Google has created a division to monitor the trends and is adjusting their rankings of sites accordingly. They now highly recommend that every business have a mobile website by the year 2015, in order to remain competitive among other local businesses.

Mindy Squillace is with Mobile Site Mama and can be reached at or 757-510-6158.

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