How to Look Your Best in Virtual Meetings
How to Look Your Best in Virtual Meetings
Tips from Wayne Pellenberg, Owner and Executive Producer of Neptune Video Creations.

We have all had to transition to virtual meetings. Whether it's on Zoom, GoToMeeting, or group chats, you want to look your best.

The Hampton Roads Chamber asked Wayne Pellenberg of Neptune Video Creations for his professional advice.


Wayne's Video Tips on Virtual Meetings

1) Make sure you are using a stationary device. Put your laptop on a table, not your lap. Put your phone or iPad on a holder.

2) Do not move around, unless you are a realtor doing a virtual tour.

3) Lift your computer/iPad/phone about 6 inches, so the camera is level with your eyes. Place it on a stack of books or a small bin.  No one looks good when looking down. In fact, that's a technique they use in movies to make the bad guys look evil.

4) Pay attention to the background. Virtual backgrounds can work fine for a fun meeting. If you want to be taken seriously, have a neutral background behind you. If you sit in front of family photos or degree plaques, people's eyes will wander past your face. It may affect your credibility with clients or associates if they see your beachside photos.

5) Lighting matters. Never sit in front of a window unless you want to conceal your identity. Balance the light in the room. Most people look best, facing a window. If the window is to the side, set a lamp to balance the other side of your face. You don't want to appear shadowy. Make sure the light is coming from in front of you, not above or behind you.

6) Remember, your camera is on even when you are not speaking.

7) Be courteous, mute the microphone when entering and unmute when asked to speak.

For Wayne's video tips on virtual meetings check out the Hampton Roads Chamber @Chamber757 Facebook page or #Chamber757 on LinkedIn.

To learn more go to

Wayne Pellenberg
Owner, Neptune Video Creations
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