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Hampton Roads Needs to Pivot to the Positive
As we enjoy these long days of summer, perhaps its time to Pivot to the Positive and recognize (and celebrate) our wonderful assets here in Hampton Roads. We are truly blessed Americas First Region is Americas best region.
Retain and reform the Certificate of Public Need
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is laser-focused on creating the environment for businesses to succeed in our region.
The case for GO Virginia
WHILE THE NATIONS economy is rebounding from the recent recession, the economic recovery in Virginia and Hampton Roads, in particular has been sluggish.
Two Voluntary Options Offering Significant Value for Employees
Top reasons for a company to provide telemedicine benefit to employees: Competitive benefits, healthcare savings, and Increased day-to-day quality of life.
Message from the President & CEO
The Workforce Retirement Gap
Message from the President & CEO
Your voice, your choice and the importance of your vote
Message from the President & CEO
There is a critical need for a sound veterans transition program.
Seas of Change
Planning for resiliency in the wake of a natural disaster
Message from the President & CEO
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce sets the conditions that allows business to succeed. I'm convinced, more than ever, that no business has to go it alone. Together, we have an opportunity to achieve even greater success.
Training to Transform How People Feel about Your Organization
Safely sharing employee spirituality in the workplace can increase performance and their perspective of an organization.
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